"I'M ON DIET"- The 3 Magical Words!!

"I can't eat anything, I'm dieting"

"I'm on a diet"

"Just a salad"

"I can't eat out" - I get to hear these so often from people.

Well, we are all delusional about dieting..

Eating less is not dieting, and dieting isn't eliminating your favourites!!

It is not about leaving your favourite foods or eating less it's about EATING RIGHT. Healthy eating isn't unrealistic, overwhelming, exhausting, stressful or limiting, rather, it keeps one full, satisfied, at peace, in good mood and shape. It shouldn't be complicated and forced upon with plenty of restrictions. A healthy living starts with a step-by-step modification. Be it the portion size or the choice of carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals..everything is important.

It is simple to achieve if one is determined and guided well. Changing and adapting to a better lifestyle and food choices is comforting, healthy and long lasting.

Minute alterations in daily life like meal planning, reading food labels, knowing your dish well before placing order, including veggies and fruits, eating your fruit instead of drinking, staying hydrated, cutting down on portions and emotional eating- make HUGE difference on our health.

You won't ever give up in mid if you've made correct and informed food choices.

Eating healthy shouldn't be a stress or burden, instead a habit.

So, don't eat less, but eat right!

Choose wisely and make an informed choice.

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