"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

•• WHAT TO EAT DURING THE COVID LOCKDOWN•• 🤷🙄😷 I see alot of us have been googling for things around corona virus 🧐 and the internet is flooded with all sort of diets and foods for preventing #COVID19 and boosting immunity. Amidst, this trend, we should always remember to opt for authentic information and verify it from nutritionists or doctors before adapting to it.😎 Here I've listed some essential nutrients for immunity boost- Vitamin D - The sunshine vitamin🌞 is essential for our immunity. Apart from sun exposure, you could incorporate fatty fish, egg yolks🍳, soy milk🍶, mushrooms🍄, fortified cereals in your diet. Vegetarians are generally seen to be deficient for Vit D, so you could opt in for a supplement. A dose of 2000 IU/day for adults would work. Vitamin C- This vitamin is linked to the cure of cold and flu in many researches from a long time and so, incorporating some foods like red capsicum/ red peppers, guava, oranges🍊, amla, kiwi🥝, strawberry🍓, broccoli🥦, cauliflower, musk melons, tomatoes🍅, papaya, would help you with boosting immunity. You could also opt for a supplement of 1000 mg/day. Zinc- It is another crucial vitamin to be taken care of for immunity boosting. Foods like meat🥩🥓, legumes (chickpeas, lentils)🥘, milk🥛, cheese🧀, flax seeds,hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts like cashews and almonds, eggs, whole grains like rice🍚, wheat, oats and to our delight even dark chocolate🍫, would do wonders. You could opt in for a supplement of 10 to 20 mg/day for adults. Vitamin B12- A less spoken about vitamin, but essential one. Most vegetarians are deficit for this vitamin. Animal meat, eggs🥚, clams, tuna🥓, sardines, plant based milk, fortified milk🥛 are some sources for it. Vegans and vegetarians should opt in for a supplement of 1000-1300 mg/day. Turmeric- The spice is well versed for it's exceptional antimicrobial, anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. A hot glass of turmeric milk ☕would definately help you. In case you want to opt for a supplement, you can go in for curcumin tablets. All this said, nothing would help you if you are sleep deprived, stressed and stuck to bed.🛌🥴 So make sure you have a good sleep😴 for atleast 7 to 8 hours. Stay hydrated,🥤 keep sipping fluids (infused water is another option). Make sure you workout or walk around 🏃🧘as much as you can inside your home. Stay home and stay safe. Eat right. Look out for the source of information and be informed.😊

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