WHY Healthy Eating and HOW- Answered!!

"Health is Wealth" - so an investment in health is something you will reap benefits for lifetime!

When it comes to staying fit, gaining muscles, or managing a lifestyle disorder, healthy shouldn't be just a goal, but a way of living.

They say, the one who doesn't have time to spend for healthy eating today, shall have to spend time for a disease later. We are what we eat, and it directly reflects on the outside. Healthy and informed food choices can regulate not just our physical strength and appearance, but it's deep rooted to boosting our mood, healing our gut, fueling our brain, uplifting our immunity, cleansing our body, enhancing our skin, improving our memory and keeping away premature ageing signs and symptoms.

Good food heals your body from inside, which is reflected on the outside and felt within!!

Wishing for an overnight miracle shouldn't be the approach, instead indulge into lifestyle modification and mindful eating. Knowing what you're eating and why is it important for you is the key to forming healthy eating habit. After all, if you don't know the why's and what's of your food how would you be convinced to include them in your daily diet.

Eating healthy is often mistaken for boring diets, just salads, dieting and off your favourites. Well, to your glory, that's NOT true!

Healthy eating isn't boring, unrealistic or limiting, rather it keeps one full, satisfied and in good mood and shape. Eating what you love is of utmost importance. Your childhood favourites or comfort foods are the ones that keep you most healthy because your body is well adapted to that kind of food and processes and retains maximum nutrients of them. But, that doesn't account for hogging on cheesy pizzas and burgers all day, as well! Nevertheless, your pizzas can be made healthy and interesting with just the right crust and toppings in the right amount, and there you go- YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!!

Eating right and healthy comes from forming healthy habits, lifestyle modifications and not restrictions and limitations. And that's the reason you should understand your food better, so you stay true to your health goals forever with mindful eating!! In the end, remember-

Healthy eating isn't a choice, but a lifestyle, a habit! And it's never too late to start a journey towards a HEALTHY YOU!!

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