You're BEAUTIFUL, just the way you ARE!!

For a moment, close your eyes and think about a healthy and beautiful person.

Now, who did you imagine and what was it, that took you to define "healthy and beautiful"?

The WEIGHT and the flawless SKIN, isn't it??

We live in an era where HEALTH and BEAUTY are determined by our WEIGHT and SKIN ; where obese and overweight people are frowned upon, mocked, body-shamed, called unhealthy and lean and skinny people on the other hand are the ones we look at and wanna be like.

Not our fault entirely, the world's definition of beautiful and healthy is directed and canvased very differently and vaguely than how it actually should be, irrespective of what's within one.

While, we know, obesity is linked with a lot of metabolic issues and health concerns, there are certain ways to determine the body fat percentage and work towards it. But, we often neglect the ones who appear to be healthy, but might not really be healthy, due to their sedentary lifestyle choices and poor eating habits.

They say "don't judge a book by it's cover", and it can't be more true. Our looks are deceptive of our health. You may look lean and fit and "beautiful" , yet be unhealthy and linked to all the metabolic concerns that an obese person is linked to.


Looking like someone we are not, shouldn't be our expectation, rather we should work towards a healthier lifestyle to feel fit and healthy. The rollercoaster of emotions and self worth based on a number on weighing scale or people's judgements would just worsen your self-image.

We need to realise that being beautiful isn't about weighing a specific number, but it's about being healthy, which is derived from exercising well, eating right, and thereafter embracing ourselves in love!

A Healthy Weight Isn’t What We Usually Think....

  • A specific number on weighing scale

  • A specific shape

  • Fitting into the XS clothes or an old dress

  • Falling between 18-25 on the BMI scale

  • Compliments on body shape in a party

Because "healthy weight" is personal. It is individualised.

A Healthy Weight Is….

  • Affected by genes, family history

  • Affected by lifestyle choices and level of activity

  • Influenced by more than just diet and exercise

  • Not linked to over or under weight health concerns

  • And finally an outcome, not goal

When you understand your body type and accept it, next step is to determine if or not you're actually "healthy", if not, work towards it. When, you achieve healthy weight with acceptance and self love, not only would it feel better, but would be easier to achieve and stay with you. It'll have a positive effect not only physiologically but psychologically too.

Are "beauty" and "health" linked?

YES- they are, with the things called social stigma, judgment, body-shaming, blaming, name calling and discrimination based on body size.

That's true, your beauty doesn't define your health status, nor does your health status define your beauty!

In-fact the entire burden of being "socially acceptable" and trying to "fit" into a group, affects negatively. You tend to fall for stress eating, binging, sleep apnea, midnight cravings, disturbed menstrual cycle. And all of it eventually leads to lower self-esteem, low self-worth, anxiety, depression, social fear, anorexia and what not!

It takes a lot of courage to rise above the expectations of our friends, family, society and most of all, our OWN SELVES.

The world has painted the picture of "perfect body" and all of us out there wanna achieve that and be that "zero size", don't we??

But, wait, where are we really heading with that? Are we really running after what people want to see out of us? Is that really what makes you happy or should make you happy? Well, definitely NO.

Just pause and ponder. Our lives have deeper meanings than this. Trying out hundreds of beauty creams to hide those acne marks or scars or trying those weight loss pills just to fit into a dress and flaunt it ; we need to rise above that. There is no harm in doing those things, until you accept yourself and most importantly LOVE yourself.

We all have different body types, and no one body type is perfect! You are much more than the number on that weighing scale right now. Don't let an inanimate object make you feel terrible about yourself.

So, gather yourself, look into the mirror and say "I AM BEAUTIFUL", cuz you are!

Healthy doesn't have to mean skinny, so stop associating being skinny, or skipping meals with being healthy.

Cutting down on meals, or eliminating a food group from your diet might help you be skinny- but it'll NEVER make you healthy, instead will land you into serious health conditions.

Healthy is much more than that. It's beyond just the number. It's the way you feel. It's not about starving yourself, it's about eating the right food, in light mood and correct portions.

It's not about looking like your favourite actress or weighing exactly like your friend.

Stop associating yourself with inanimate and minimalistic things, cuz my dear friend, you are much more important and worthy than that!

Redefine "HEALTH" and "BEAUTY" for a true "HEALTHY" and "BEAUTIFUL" world!! LOVE YOURSELF and STAY HEALTHY!!

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